Still searching for a present for the number one history fan in your life? Never fear; HistoryBuff is here. 

1. The Romanovs by Simon Sebag Montefiore

There are a ton of great non-fiction tomes available this season, but one stellar pick is The Romanovs. Historian Simon Sebag Montefiore has made his name covering big-ticket items (Jerusalem, Stalin) in his bestsellers, but this is an especially entertaining read. Covering the entire history of this decadent dynasty, Montefiore manages to turn three centuries of Russian royalty into a rip-roaring, sexy, and scandalous story that you won't be able to put down...even if you know how it ends.

2. Roma T-shirt

This stunning tee brings together all we love about ancient Rome - Caesar quotes, laurel wreaths, gladiator helmets, and eagles. Wear this and let your geek flag fly.

3. Knightly shot glasses 

Enjoy your tequila the way medieval monarchs meant you to - in the form of shot glasses modeled after knights' armor.

4. Frida's Fragrant Bath Bar

Bathe like a master painter with this Frida Kahlo-inspired floral bar of soap. And remember her famous self-portrait with the monkeys? They're here, too.

5. Victorian silk stockings

Get your garters in a twist with these ninteenth-century-inspired silk stockings. Queen Victoria would be proud.

6. Tricorner hat

Channel your inner George Washington with this tricorner hat. You can even dump some tea into your local harbor if you so choose.

7. Pyramid of Giza jewelry box

This gilded treasure will become your own wonder of the modern world when you store all of your favorite things in here.

8. Medieval chess set

You can navigate this ancient game like a true king with this stunning Middle Ages-inspired chess set, complete with pieces and board.

9. Here's looking at Euclid! mug

This is one fun way to down your morning coffee. Celebrate the "father of geometry" with this awesome mug.

10. Leonardo da Vinci watch

Make sure you're never late for an appointment with the original Renaissance man.