5: Did Jack use the newly built underground tunnels to escape?

There have been thousands of theory’s on how Jack the Ripper made his infamous escapes, from paranormal activity to blending into the crowd, however, a new theory has arisen in that Jack used the newly built tunnels to escape capture and disappear into thin air. If we are to look at the times that the victims were slain we can see that they were murdered well after midnight making the tunnels empty and unguarded. This would certainly make sense if we look at the murder scene of first victim Mary Ann Nichols which was only 200 meters from Whitechapel station, which still stands today. Another theory is that Jack would use the sewerage tunnels and that the fluids on his clothes would hide the blood which had stained his clothes from the murders.

4: Did Mary Jane Kelly really die that night?

Mary Jane Kelly is considered by many to be the fifth and final victim. She was so badly disfigured and ripped apart that it was said the Ripper had finally reached the end of his madness and had unleashed a frenzied attack before disappearing into the night forever. However, due to the overwhelming abuse of her injuries authorities had very little difficulty identifying her partly because her nose had been sliced off and placed under her chin. Kelly had been living at 13 Millers court an offbeat slum behind the notorious Dorset Street once named the most dangerous street in London. It was here where the murder had taken place and here where the authorities had come to the conclusion that the mangled body laying before them was indeed Kelly. Yet one Caroline Maxwell states she saw Kelly on the morning after the murder had supposedly taken place looking a little worse for wear. Apparently Kelly was hungover throwing up in the gutter on the corner of Dorset Street. Mrs Maxwell asked for her well-being and suggested she have a paint of ale to clear things up. Caroline Maxwell was a respectable married lady and had no reason to lie unlike previous witnesses. Another story suggests that Mary Jane Kelly returned to her lodgings early that morning and found the gruesome body of her friend who had been staying with her, seizing her chance to escape her violent relationship with Joseph Barnett (another ripper suspect) and destitute life in London she escaped and changed identity for a new life elsewhere.

3: Do the police know who Jack the ripper is?

In May 2011 the Metropolitan police won a legal battle to keep files detailing the investigation of the ripper case a secret. The reason was to maintain confidentially for Victorian informants whose family could be at risk. The documents were said to include four new suspects which detail over 36,000 entries between 1888 and 1912. With so much effort put into keeping these files a secret it makes us wonder if over a hundred year old informants is really the main reason to keep these files a secret or is it something closer to home that could no way be brought into the public eye. Anyone interested in the ripper killings will know some of the ludicrous suspects that have been tipped as being the ripper, one of which including Queen Victoria’s nephew, Prince Albert. Some might say that the main reason for the police to keep such files under lock and key may be something to do with a great royal cover up or conspiracy.

2: George Hutchinson more than just a hospitable witness?

George Hutchinson was a local man who lived in the East end therefore knowing the area well. Hutchinson is notable because he gave a heavy and detailed witness statement where he described a man who was with Mary Jane Kelly on the night she was supposedly murdered. Hutchinson described everything from the color of the man’s hair to the buttons on his boots. Obviously being of some importance to the police the leading detective at the time Frederick Abberline interviewed him intensely and seemed satisfied with his account therefore releasing him. Hutchinson stuck around and it was said that the police had paraded him around Whitechapel in search of the man he had described. Then as quickly as he had appeared Hutchinson disappeared with only rumors of his whereabouts popping up throughout the years. If Hutchinson did indeed describe the ripper then it is the most detailed account we have so far, however some people say that Hutchinson himself was the ripper and was in fact trying to describe the complete polar opposite of himself to avoid suspicion.

1: Jack the ripper didn’t even exist?

In October 2013 ex murder squad detective Trevor Marriott claimed that the notorious serial killer jack the ripper never actually existed at all. Marriot claims that a German merchant sailor committed some of the crimes although he wasn’t solely responsible and that many other criminals and deviants at the time all had a finger in the pie. Marriot states ‘that the media has portrayed Jack the ripper as a doctor, with a black cape and hat. And since the organs were removed from the victims, people believed he would have medical skills based on how it was done. The truth of the matter is that the killer would not have had time to remove the organs’, He goes on to say that the small minority of suspects who have been regarded as prime suspects have no steady links or direct connections to any of the murders. In fact, he states that most theories associated with the ripper are just uncorroborated theories put forward by authors and television documentary makers. 

Sadly the truth is we may never found out the truth however with the general public's need for a good 'who dunnit' the hunt will continue and most likely never stop.