Resemblances between these historical figures and modern A-listers are just plain uncanny!

1. King Henry VIII of England and Prince Harry of Wales

These ravishing redheads share more than just a home country, playboy reputations, and red hair: royal good looks. Prince Harry might not be descended from Henry VIII (none of the Henry's kids, both legitimate and illegitimate, had children of their own, despite rumors to the contrary). 

Good looks run in the family. Images via Wikimedia Commons and The Mirror.

Harry does trace his lineage to King Henry's big sister, Margaret, Queen of Scots; his mother Diana was also descended from Henry VIII's younger sister, Mary, making this resemblance between the husband of six wives and a sexy modern prince a bit more plausible.

2. Percy Bysshe Shelley and Andrew Garfield

British poet meets British actor. Images via Wikimedia Commons and Twitter.

Controversial poet Percy Shelley and Andrew Garfield both look good with long, cascading locks and their fine-boned features.

3. President William Howard Taft and Barry Corbin

Mustachioed men! Images via Wikimedia Commons and The AV Club.

President William Howard Taft was a mustachioed walrus of a man, but his legacy could easily live on in a biopic if he was played by actor Barry Corbin, best known for his roles in One Tree Hill and No Country For Old Men.

4. Queen Marie Antoinette of France and Elle Fanning

We've seen the tragic Marie Antoinette portrayed by everyone from Kirsten Dunst to Jane Seymour. But portraits of the young archduchess of Austria-turned-French queen portray her as a rosy-cheeked, doll-like figure reminiscent of Elle Fanning.

5. Ludovico "Il Moro" Sforza, Duke of Milan, and Steve van ZandtItalian stallions. Images via iguzzini/Zetaboards.

With matching long, dark hair and pronounced jowls, both Ludovico Sforza (dubbed "the Moor" for his swarthy complexion), a Renaissance ruler of the Italian city-state of Milan, and E Street Band guitarist-turned-actor Steve Van Zandt could pass for siblings.

Feature images via Pinterest/Anthony Harvey/Getty Images.