1. #Twitterstorians: Created by Katrina Gulliver, #Twitterstorians is an extremely popular hashtag that brings together historians from around the world. There, individuals can share articles, ask others for research assistance, discover unexpected and fascinating facets of history, and learn about the challenges other historians and academics face on a daily basis. #Twitterstorians provides individuals with a wonderful outlet for historians of all stripes in dozens of different fields around the world. It's a true historical hive mind. 

2. #FolkloreThursday: History isn't just for written records; in fact, the folks behind Folklore Thursday are passionate about bringing stories from cultural traditions and heritages around the world to life and sharing them. The popular hashtag, which was profiled in The Independent last year, was the brainchild of three friends and has since taken off, regularly trending each Thursday. Those who tune in to #FolkloreThursday can expect fascinating tales and customs from every possible place on the planet.

Image via Disney/FunnyAnd.

3. #Nuntastic: This hashtag is a bit more specific, tailored to those chatting about and researching women religious, but it's an intriguing lens through which to examine history on Twitter (Twit-story?). The community of individuals studying women in faith-based contexts is quite large, and this tag provides a one-stop shop for everything nun-ny! 

4. #MarginaliaMonday: Ever wondered what monks or early modern writers doodled in the margins of the manuscripts they were copying or writing? Called marginalia, these fantastic drawings are featured on Twitter each week on #MarginaliaMonday. From monks farting into trumpets to penis trees, centuries-old scholars' scribblings to ancient postscripts, these unusual annotations provide epic insights into writers and copyists' minds.

5. #HistSex: Want to talk dirty on Twitter? Check out how it happened historically using #HistSex, a hashtag devoted to all things sexy. Don't miss Notches, a tweet-worthy blog all about sexuality throughout time, and fascinating insights on everything hot and sexy from antiquity to the present day.

Feature image via Mark Andersoon/Andertoons.