Fear is one of the most common human emotions. No matter how brave or strong people may think they are, feeling fear is inevitable. However, while there’s literally nothing more terrifying than being terrified, there’s also something about fear that people find entertaining. All across the world, there are people who enjoy visiting scary and haunted places simply for the thrill of scaring themselves. With the fall season about to get into full swing, people’s desire to seek scary fun will definitely be on the rise. And while some people scare more easily than others, all haunted houses were not created equal. Some famous haunted houses have become so popular that they’ve come to attract countless people each year. Here are five of the most famous haunted houses in history.

1. Winchester House – San Jose, California

In 1884, widow Sarah Winchester began construction on her home. Convinced that the ghosts of people who had been killed by the rifles her husband manufactured were present, Sarah believed the only way to keep the ghosts away was to continue construction on her home. With that being said, the Winchester House was built over a period of more than three decades. Construction stopped when Sarah passed away in 1922, but visitors say they can still hear the noise.

2. Monte Cristo Homestead New South Wales, Australia

When it comes to famous haunted houses, this one is definitely scary. Dubbed the most haunted house in all of Australia, the Monte Cristo has an interesting history which includes two deaths. Both original owners, Christopher and Elizabeth Crawley, died in the house. Although neither of their deaths was violent, it is believed that they still haunt their old family home today.

3. Hull House – Chicago, IL

Built by Charles Hull during the 1850s, the Hull House has become a very popular part of Chicago’s haunted history. Eventually becoming a home for the poor and mentally unstable, the house is said to be haunted by Hull’s wife, as well as a baby who was brought to the house and locked in the attic after being born with several deformities.

4. The Hotel Chelsea – New York City

The Hotel Chelsea, also simply referred to as The Chelsea, is widely considered one of the most haunted places in New York City. Built in the 1800s, and once the tallest building in the entire city, the hotel has been the site of several deaths including that of Nancy Spungen. As a result, The Chelsea has a history of being home to many famous ghosts who just can’t seem to leave the haunted hotel behind.

5. Dudley House – Dudleytown, CT

The state of Connecticut has become pretty well-known for being home to several haunted places, and the Dudley House is one of them. The home, which was built in the 1700s on land that once belonged to a local Native American tribe, is surrounded by a forest that is said to have swallowed many people. Dudleytown itself, which is now practically abandoned, is said to be haunted and anyone who is caught visiting the house will be arrested by local authorities.

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