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In terms of historically inaccurate kids’ movies, Pocahontas is kind of the star player. Even the third graders watching it usually know that Pocahontas was barely older than them when she saved John Smith, a man she didn’t necessarily like like. Still, the movie has millions of fans, and historian Read more
Thanks to Mulan, any child of the ‘90s is contractually obligated to finish the phrase, “Let’s get down to business” with “to defeat the Huns!” Nevermind that the real Mulan probably wasn’t even fighting the Huns, much less training with a wisecracking little dragon. Scholars Shiamin Kwa and Kristin Read more
In 1997, Fox Animation packaged the 1918 execution of the Russian imperial family into a kids’ cartoon with spunky animals, a romance straight out of a screwball comedy, and original songs about the underworld. We’re talking, of course, about Anastasia. While that movie’s creative license is obvious Read more