Why am I jealous of the British? Because they always have the inside scoop on Lady Mary's love life and they never have to wait to watch awesome BBC documentaries. The Secret History of My Family is a prime example. The four-part documentary series for BBC Two charts two hundred years of social history by exploring four different family trees. The first episode tracks down the descendants of a trio of pickpocketing sisters raised in 1830s London:

"East London in the 1830s was probably not an easy place to be law-abiding, and indeed, the teenage Gadbury sisters – Sarah, Caroline and Mary Ann – were not very good at it. What they were extremely talented at, however, was stealing. They trained hard at their work, in what imagines as a Fagin-esque cutpurse school in the Shoreditch back streets, and became, in their own words, 'expert robbers.'"

The thieving siblings eventually got caught robbing a haberdashery shop (one of them had a roll of fabric stuffed in her bloomers). Two of them got deported to Australia. How does the story end? Joseph Bullman, the documentary-maker behind the award-winning Secret History of Our Streets, spent years finding out. 

Want to know more? Head over to The Guardian for the full story. 

Feature image via Flickr