Alexander of Macedon's story is no less compelling for the awful movies that it has spawned in the past. Here are the stars we'd like to see in a new and improved version of Alex's life!

Alexander III (a.k.a. "the Great"), King of Macedon: This young stunner died at age 32 after conquering a ton of Europe and Asia. Alex was well-known for his long, curling hairstyle brushed back from his face, called an anastole, and he may or may not have been living proof that blonds had more fun. According to Plutarch, his neck also craned slightly to the left. So let's go for Greek hunk Dimitris Papadakis.

                                   Gotta love Alexander the Great. Image via Listal.

Darius III, King of Persia: Alexander's arch-rival represented a long and powerful lineage of monarchs who made the Achaemenid Empire a household name. He may have killed Alexander's father, Philip, and one reason Alex was so hell-bent to fight Darius was to avenge his dad. So we need an actor with the gravitas to be a king who inherited a great empire and had a regal bearing. The perfect choice? Iranian actor and theater veteran Reza Kianian.

                         Reza Kianian would make a great Darius III. Image via Alchetron.

Stateira/Barsine, Darius's daughter, and her cousin Parysatis, both Alexander's wives: After Alexander defeated King Darius at the Battle of Issus, he captured his rival monarch's relatives, including one of his daughters and a cousin. Later, Alexander married both women in a mass wedding between Greeks and Persians. Stateira (or Barsine, as she was also known) was killed by Alexander's number one wife, Roxana.

A perfect Stateira would be Necar Zadegan, who's wonderful on Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, and Golshifteh Farahani would be a screen-stealer as Princess Parysatis.

Images via 24Wiki and Bia2.

Olympias: Alex's mother, the Queen of Macedonia, slept with snakes, got really involved in several secretive cults (which may explain the snakes), and was a formidable political presence, killing off her rivals, ruling as regent in Alexander's absence, and reigning supreme until her death. She was ruthless and cunning, qualities actress Lysette Anthony brings to life vividly in her role as scheming matriarch Marnie Nightingale on Hollyoaks. 

           Lysette Anthony could keep up with Olympias. Image via Getty Images Europe/Zimbio.

Hephaestion, Alexander's probable lover/BFF: Alexander absolutely adored his best pal, Hephaestion, whom he grew up with. They may well have been lovers and were both fighters in peak physical condition, so they must have been stunners on the battlefield. Let's go with Peter Porte, a drop-dead gorgeous guy who also has solid acting chops.

                                     Hephaestion was a hottie. Image via Greg in Hollywood.

Roxana, Alexander's wife and queen: Alexander also married Roxana, a beautiful noblewoman from Bactria (modern Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan). A keen political mind much in the mold of her mother-in-law, Olympias, Roxana made sure her son by Alexander (also named Alexander) was his dad's heir. How? By bumping off her rival wives and their kids. Olympias and Roxana became a formidable team until Roxana and her boy were eventually captured and killed. Afghan actress Marina Golbahari, brilliant star of Osama, would make a wonderful Roxana.

                              Marina Golbahari - a.k.a. Roxana! Image via Alchetron.

The Diadochi: These guys, whose sobriquet means "successors" in Greek, were the ones who took over Alexander's territories and split them into rival kingdoms after their boss's death. There were a whole bunch of these generals-turned-kinglets. Let's make Elias Koteas wise regent Antipater, with Gregory Finnegan, best known as wily lawyer James Nightingale on Hollyoaks, his son Cassander. 

                                                       Images via AlchetronIMDB.

For Greek-born Ptolemy, who made himself pharaoh of Egypt, let's go for This is Us standout Justin Hartley. Seleucus, creator of a Near Eastern Empire, could be portrayed on-screen by stunner Mehmet Günsür. 

                                                 Images via Wikimedia Commons; Izlesene.

Greek warlords Lysimachus and Antigonus the One-Eyed, who ruled Greece after Alexander's passing, could be brought to life by two rock stars. Let's bring in Kostas Ageris, winner of The Voice of Greece, and Yorgos Kapoutzidis, who represented Greece in the Eurovision song contest.

Images via Shazam and Listal.

 Feature images via IMDB/Wikimedia Commons.