In the Internet age, the concept of a cat funeral sounds believable, if not downright obvious. Surely there's some statistic out there that says by 2050 one out of every 10 people will have attended at least one cat's funeral. Heck, as discussed in a recent blog post by Mimi Matthews, people were hosting cat funerals back in the Victorian Era. Through her research, Matthews discovered that the Hull Daily Mail published a report in 1897 talking about a clergyman's funeral for his obese, black and white female feline, and the whole ordeal was nothing short of grandiose.

“For three days pussy, whose remains were placed with loving care in a beautiful brass-bound oaken coffin, with inner linings of silk and wool, lay in state in the drawing-room.  At the termination of this period, the rev. gentleman hired a cab, drove to the station, and took a train for the North, bearing with him the oak coffin and the precious remains.  Where the funeral took place seems to be somewhat of a mystery – at least there are conflicting accounts – but of one thing people seem to be certain.  The ceremonial respect which had been accorded to the deceased was maintained to the last, and the burial service, or part thereof, was recited at pussy’s grave.”

However, such religious tones were not always so warmly welcomed. In another article discovered by Matthews, the Edinburgh Evening News reported in Septemeber 1885 that an "old old" woman's funeral for her cat Tom was met with quite the uproar.

“…the funeral, which took place in the afternoon yesterday, was largely attended.  Miss — carried the coffin, and on the way to the graveyard the crowd of youngsters who followed became exceedingly noisy, and being apprehensive that the affair would end in a row, ‘Jamie’ closed the iron gate with the view of preventing any but a select few from entering.  The crowd, however, became even more excited, scaled the wall, hooting and yelling vociferously, crying that it was a shame and a disgrace to bury a cat like a Christian.”

Tom's coffin was smashed soon after by the kids and the police had to be called in to prevent further violence. Head over to Matthews' blog to read more.

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