William Gadoury, a 15-year-old boy from Quebec, believes he has discovered a forgotten Mayan city in the Yucatán jungle in Mexico. Gadoury developed the theory that Mayan cities were built in line with the stars of the civilization's major constellations. From 23 constellations, he discovered the 142 stars aligned with 177 Mayan cities, and that the brightest stars matched up with the largest cities. In one constellation of three stars, Gadoury noticed that a city was missing, and so with the aid of satellite images, he found what appears to be a large city.

Doctor Armand La Rocque, from the University of New Brunswick, said one image showed a street network and a large square which could possibly be a pyramid.

He told The Independent: "A square is not natural, it is mostly artificial and can hardly be attributed to natural phenomena. If we add these together, we have a lot of indication there might be a Mayan city in the area."

Gadoury named the city K'aak Chi, or Mouth of Fire. Head over to The Independent to read more.

Feature image via Canadian Space Agency