In 1962, African National Congress leader and future president of South Africa Nelson Mandela was arrested near Durban and sent to jail for 27 years. A Sunday Times interview with now-deceased ex-CIA agent Donald Rickard appears to confirm that Mandela's arrest was the result of a tip-off courtesy of the U.S. foreign intelligence service. While it has been rumored for years that the CIA was involved in Mandela's arrest, the agency has never admitted to playing any part. However, Rickard's comments could force the agency to tell a slightly different narrative. As BBC reports:

He was posing as a chauffeur when his car was stopped at a roadblock by the police in the eastern city of Durban in 1962 and he was detained. "I found out when he was coming down and how he was coming... that's where I was involved and that's where Mandela was caught," Rickard is quoted as saying.

ANC national spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said: "That revelation confirms what we have always known, that they are working against [us], even today. It's not thumb sucked, it's not a conspiracy [theory]. It is now confirmed that it did not only start now, there is a pattern in history."

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Feature image via Flickr user Paul Simpson