This is a big week for Churchill fans. First, we broke the news that the wartime leader was shockingly good-looking in his youth. Now we've discovered that a secret stroke almost killed him in 1953. A new ITV film, Churchill's Secret, recently premiered in the UK. Adapted from the novel by Jonathan Smith, the film tells the story of the life-threatening stroke that was kept a secret from the world. Executive producer Hal Vogel sat down with The National to discuss one of Britain's biggest cover-ups:

"Winston, the great warrior, believes he has one final political mission to achieve – to find a way out of the Cold War and the threat of mutually assured destruction and deliver world peace," says executive producer Hal Vogel. 

"He believes only he can broker a detente with the Russians. Winston’s political allies are faced with a dilemma: tell the public and risk ending any hope of Winston returning to office and achieving his last great political ambition, or say nothing and risk huge political embarrassment should Winston die. So what did they do? What politicians do best. They covered it up [with] the help of the press barons.'"

Churchill's Secret will air in the US on PBS in 2016. Want to know more? Head over to The National to read the full review.