On Monday evening, Samantha Bee examined the roots of the pro-life movement among the religious right on her show Full Frontal. During a quick sketch about her providing live coverage after the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, Bee points out that the Southern Baptist Convention actually agreed with the Supreme Court's decision. 

However, the anti-abortion rallying cry of conservative Christians in the United States would rise, oddly enough, in the wake of desegregation. As explained in a lecture by Dartmouth professor Randall Balmer, abortion was suggested as a new point of mobilization during a conference call held by evangelical leaders, which included Jerry Falwell and Paul Weyrich. 

Bee then goes on to a show a few clips from her interview with filmmaker Frank Schaeffer, who says he helped begin the pro-life movement by helping create and shop anti-abortion films to churches. While evangelical leaders and congregations were resistant at first, wanting nothing to do with politics, former Congressman Jack Kemp brought in 50 other congressmen and senators and gave the film "respectability." Schaeffer describes his involvement as "the single greatest regret" of his life.

Whatever Happened to the Human Race?, one of Schaeffer's films, features a variety of truly terrifying scenes, like characters from the Purge films slowly walking through a field of grass and painting the movie's title on the screen as dissonant strings screech in the background, baby dolls being thrown down a chute by an assembly line worker, a real baby locked in a rabbit cage, and a Schoolhouse Rock!-esque animation where dancing babies are sucked up tubes and sleeping infants are punted by nurses. While no person should ever be forced to watch this movie, and all copies of it should be burned immediately, even Bee can't deny that it might be a pro-lifer's best weapon, screaming, "Ahh! Okay, I'll cancel my abortion, just call off your evil mimes!" Watch the video below.

Feature image via YouTube/Full Frontal