If you've ever lived in a tiny apartment in a big city, you're no doubt aware of the stale air problem. Back in the 19th century, parents began to worry that such stuffy, cramped dwellings would cause harm to young children. The natural solution: baby cages.  

via google booksThe baby cage was exactly what it sounds likea wired cage that dangled out the window like an AC unit, but with a baby in it. First proposed by Dr. Luther Emmett in his 1864 book The Care and Feeding of Childrenthe baby cage soon became a common feature in New York City and London. It's no wonder really, as Dr. Emmett's popular parenting book makes the experience sound just invigorating: 

"Fresh air is required to renew and purify the blood, and this is just as necessary for health and growth as proper food," he wrote. "The appetite is improved, the digestion is better, the cheeks become red, and all signs of health are seen."

By the middle of the 20th century, the baby cage craze had gone the same way as heroin cough syrup. However, the option to hang your loved ones in a cage outside a window is still totally available to cat owners. 

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