Turkish archaeologists recently discovered a 2,400-year-old mosaic that bears some pretty sage advice that Drake, the YOLO architect, would surely approve of. In the image, a skeleton casually reclines with a drink in hand, a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread sitting nearby, and the words inscribed around its head read "Be cheerful, enjoy your life."

Anadolu Agency

Speaking with Hurriyet Daily News, Demet Kara, an archaeologist from the Hatay Archaeology Museum, explained that the mosaic was a rare finding for Turkey. 

“[This is] a unique mosaic in Turkey. There is a similar mosaic in Italy but this one is much more comprehensive. It is important for the fact that it dates back to the 3rd century B.C.,” Kara said.

She also said that Antiocheia was the world’s third-largest city in the Roman era, and continued: 

“Antiocheia was a very important, rich city. There were mosaic schools and mints in the city. The ancient city of Zeugma in [the southeastern province of] Gaziantep might have been established by people who were trained here. Antiocheia mosaics are world famous.”

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Feature image via Anadolu Agency