When you think of revenge, you may think of small matters. Princess Olga of Kiev went a different route: killing 5000 people.

Born circa 890, Olga married sometime in the early 900s to Igor of Kiev. They lived a long and happy life until 945 when Igor was murdered by the tribe of the Drevlians. At that time, their son, Sviatoslav, was only three years old, so Olga had to rule for him.

About this time, the Drevlians wanted Olga to marry their prince, Mal, and give up her claim to the throne. Determined to preserve the power for her son, she not only refused but took revenge on the tribe as well.

First, she buried alive 20 of the men the Drevlians had sent. Then, to show she was not messing around, she lied and pretended to accept the marriage offer, and she invited the Drevlians to send their best men to her kingdom to help prepare for the wedding. Once they arrived, she welcomed them all, invited them in, locked them in a building, and set it on fire.

However, she was not done yet. She then invited the majority of the remaining Drevlians to a funeral feast so they could all mourn her husband together, and she had her servants wait on them until her soldiers killed them all. Then she prepared an army to attack the survivors. At first, she asked for three pigeons and three sparrows from each home, and they complied with her request. However, when night fell, she took the city and she burned it.

The people tried to flee. Some were killed and the remainder were left to pay tribute. Princess Olga of Kiev had taken her revenge. She ruled both kingdoms until her death in 969. Her son then ruled until his death three years later.

In the end, Olga was later venerated as a saint.