As Hillary Clinton's historic nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate finally came to fruition last evening, Rutgers professor Nick Kapur tweeted out an absurd story from 1995 featuring a Dennis the Menace character, Walmart, and female presidential hope.

The shirt, created by Women Are Wonderful, Inc., features the cartoon strip character Margaret Wade declaring, "Someday a woman will be PRESIDENT!" As AP reported back on September 23, the shirt was removed from the retailer's store in a suburb of North Miami because a customer complained that it offended their "family values.” This did not suit Ann Moliver Ruben, president of Women Are Wonderful, Inc. 

She called Walmart “a censor” for pulling the shirt, which she described as “humorous and delightful. What could be threatening about that?”

A spokesperson for Walmart at the time would not confirm that the shirt went against the company’s “family values” (which Ruben said was the reason given to her by a buyer from the national office), only that at least one customer had complained. “In this case, it was determined the T-shirt was offensive to some people and so the decision was made to pull it from the sales floor,” Walmart’s Jane Brockholt said.

Naturally, word of the shirt's removal resonated with women nationwide and Women Are Wonderful, Inc. soon received around 50,000 orders of the shirt from women's groups and retail chains such as Target. As the Miami Herald reported, even Walmart realized it had made a huge mistake.

Wal-Mart alone ordered 30,000 T-shirts for its 2,188 stores nationwide.

“Wal-Mart, being a company that responds to customers’ comments, overreacted and that was a mistake, ” Bockholt said. “We should not have pulled it, ” said Bockholt, who has six shirts and was in Miramar on Sunday. “It has nothing to do with politics. It’s a cute T-shirt.”

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