Sylvia Anderson, co-creator of the puppet-based TV series Thunderbirds, and voice of the character Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, died on March 16th at the age of 88. The writer and producer died in her own home 30 miles west of London following a short illness. She created the cult classic science fiction show with her husband, Gerry Anderson, who died in 2012 after suffering from Alzheimer's, developing their own puppetry technique they called Supermarionation within the company where they met, AP Films.

They developed a production technique using electronic marionette puppets, called Supermarionation, in which the voices were recorded first, and when the puppets were filmed, the electric signal from the taped dialogue was hooked up to sensors in the puppets' heads. That made the puppets' lips move perfectly in time with the soundtrack.

In 1963, the couple came up with the idea for Thunderbirds, which told the story of the Tracy family who form a secret organisation dedicated to saving human life, set in the future. The character of Lady Penelope, a glamorous agent, was modelled on Anderson's own appearance, and she also provided her characteristic aristocratic voice.

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