If you ask people who have visited Great Britain what the most notable thing about it is, a large portion of them will likely agree that it is the beautiful gardens scattered across the country. With great garden maintenance efforts and creative designs, there are places that seem out of this world.

If you set out to visit the most popular gardens, you are in for an amazing quest. While there are many gardens you will find particularly interesting, here are a few of the more popular gardening destinations that should be at the top of your list.

Kew Gardens in London 

Some would argue that the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew represent the most famous gardens in Britain. This claim is not unfounded. What's more, these gardens have received not only local but worldwide recognition for their living plants collection — with more than 30,000 kinds of plants, it is easy to see why. 

What makes gardening at Kew so amazing is the fact that there is plenty of entertainment available around the gardens. Those interested in various facts can head to the library, which offers a wealth of knowledge in photos, maps, and books. There is also the Orangery, which is the best place to stop for lunch. For visitors looking for a challenge, there is the swaying Treetop Walkway.

Exbury Gardens in New Forest 

Gardening experts and novices alike will love a day out in Exbury Gardens. These woodland gardens attract many visitors with their splendid design and beautiful looks. Wildlife in conservation cover the picturesque gardens, surrounded and filled with a great variety of trees and other plants. The main attraction is the Rhododendron Garden, boasting a collection of over 1,000 species, which are most active in May.

Hever Castle Garden in Kent 

The childhood home of Anne Boleyn in Hever Castle is always a fun place to visit with rich history and beautiful features. Tulips bloom here in the spring, offering magnificent views, while the 3,000 roses of the Rose Garden draw in huge crowds during summer, and well into autumn months. Gardening enthusiasts will find the Italian Garden simply superb.

Alnwick Garden in Northumberland 

The Alnwick garden is one of the UK’s most unique landscaping projects. It features multiple locations of intrigue, including the Serpent Garden, the Poison Garden, Cherry Orchard, and the Treehouse, which offers lunch and trees growing out of the floor!

Trentham Gardens in Stoke-on-Trent

There is little for everyone here: peace and quiet for those seeking a relaxing walk, and wild fun and action for the young and active. With a maze, big woodlands area, and a lake, it is not hard to believe that anyone wouldn't enjoy Trentham Gardens. There are plenty of bright colors to enjoy at the Floral Labyrinth and the Italian Garden section.

Visiting any of these spectacular gardens will leave you amazed at the superb gardening designs and their many supplementing features.