An obscure Canadian gameshow might just be the last place you'd expect Malcolm X to turn up. But here he is on Front Page Challenge, a long-running quiz game focusing on current events and history. The first part of the clip features members of the panel trying to guess a news story by asking questions of Malcolm X, who is hidden. The story, which the panelists fail to correctly identify, was "Malcolm Rejects Racist Doctrine in Mecca."


The second, more interesting part of the show, features the host asking questions of the civil rights icon, who proceeds to offer a nuanced take on race relations in America before detailing the reasons behind his recent departure from the Nation of Islam. The clip closes with the host thanking him for joining the program, noting that the appearance likely served to "clear away some of the cobwebs of misconception that some of us may have had about your beliefs." Only a few weeks later, Malcolm X would be assassinated by Nation of Islam members while speaking at a rally in New York City.