Kurzgesagt recently published a video digging deep into the origin of humans, revealing our huge gaps of knowledge when it comes to the time before history. For example, the video points out how Homo Erectus survived for about two million years, ten times longer than modern humans have inhabited Earth. However, the last of other human species died out around 10,000 years ago, and we have no idea.

The video also examines the differences between modern humans and our ancient ancestors. While it's easy to view ourselves as superior, humans 50,000 years ago were "survivor specialists." They possessed detailed mental maps of the land they lived on, their senses were fine-tuned to their specific environment, they memorized a significant amount of information about plants and animals, and their bodies were comparable to today's athletes. Their brains might have even been bigger than ours. 

Check out the video below.

Feature image via YouTube/Kurzgesagt