The United States of America is full of outrageous traditions that almost certainly derive from a mentality of "because we can": celebrating our independence by watching adults consume exorbitant amounts of hot dogs in a very short span of time, presidential turkey pardons, driving really big trucks, and getting hammered drunk very early in the morning and watching a bunch of old white dudes in top hats toss around a whistlepig, believing it's an effective method of determining the length of the winter season. However, the most absurd Merican tradition of them all is almost certainly our unwillingness to adopt the metric system.

Inches, pounds, gallons — all of it, ridiculous. When the rest of the world accepted the metric system, the 13 original colonies of the U.S. stuck with the English units of their former mother nation. Now, the U.S. is one of three countries — Myanmar and Liberia — that has yet to fully embrace the metric system. On Thursday, TED-Ed posted a video briefly detailing the history of the metric system and just how pivotal of a role it played in shaping today's world. Watch it below.