Raping and pillaging the countryside doesn’t come without some lasting effects. As emperor from 1206 to 1227, Genghis Khan prioritized the expansion of the Mongolian Empire. Leading the Mongol Invasion, he united distant tribes under a single empire. He did this through a campaign of violence and slaughter.   

The Mongols swept across the continent. They were known for their ruthlessness and crushed every town and village they came across. Khan and his army could not afford to leave able-bodied men in the towns they conquered. Khan could not risk allowing these communities to launch a defense against the Mongols. So, each time his army captured a town, he had them slaughter the men. The only men they left alive were skilled craftsmen and engineers because they could be adopted into the army where they would build catapults and other weapons. 

Battle between Mongols & Chinese (1211).

Meanwhile, as the village was pillaged for anything useful, the women were rounded up. The most attractive women were brought directly to Genghis Khan. When he made his selections of the women, the rest were distributed among the troops. In this manner, Genghis Khan spread his seed across Eurasia. 

So while Genghis Khan wiped out a huge portion of the population, he also did his best to personally repopulate it. Today, geneticists have determined that a sizeable proportion of the world population are direct descendants of Genghis Khan. In examining the DNA of men living in Asia, scientists discovered 1 in 12 men shared identical Y chromosomes. 

Genghis Khan died about 750 years ago, and while we don’t have a sample of Khan’s DNA to use as a comparison, based on genetic variation, this lineage began about 1,000 years ago. From what we know if Khan’s history, he seems the most likely candidate. 

An estimated 16 million individuals can trace their genetic history to the “Great Khan.” That’s 0.5 percent of the entire world population! So, while it can’t be said that Genghis Khan was a good father, but he was certainly a prolific one.